Monday, 4 March 2013

Time to tackle a big one - Collars and Cuffs

The day after my last post I received an email from Craftsy offering a discount on one of their online classes, so I thought I'd take a look. In fact there are a lot of classes that look good, but having decided to be brave I chose the Classic Tailored Shirt class taught by Pam Howard.  I have never managed to make anything with a collar and collar stand and I've never even attempted a cuff.

This will be my second Craftsy class, I completed the Couture Dress class (threw the dress away, but learnt a lot) and I have bought one of the trouser or should I say pant classes, but have yet to look at it.  I think the Craftsy platform has been well thought out, it has all the information you need and there's a fantastic feature that allows you to make video notes along the way which I've found to be extremely useful.

Yesterday I began watching the class on my i-pad and I have to say that I love it and I love Pam Howard.  She is like that teacher at school who made everything so clear and showed just enough personality to make you really want to do well just to please them.  The class is packed full of tricks and tips, her method of making a pocket was worth the class fee alone and that's before you see the magic yoke trick.

So I've decided to make a classic tailored shirt for my husband, I've dug out some black linen fabric that I already had in my stash and have cut it out ready to start work today and yes I did wash it first.  I have high hopes that with Pam's help I can overcome my collar fear as I adore shirt dresses, but have never been brave enough to make one.

I will keep you posted.

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